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4 Units in West Knoxville

Closed 6/24/16 4 Units $225,000 ($56,250/unit) 9116 Woodpark Ln Knoxville, TN [...]

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North Knoxville Office Building

Closed 6/17/2016 $190,000 1013 N Broadway St Knoxville TN, [...]

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North Knox Rental House

Closed 6/7/16 $62,875 3009 Sanders Dr Knoxville TN, [...]

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3 Beds of Rental Student Housing in Fort Sanders

Closed 5/27/16 $160,000 ($53,333/Bed) 3 Beds 2008 Forest Ave Knoxville TN, [...]

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Photo Courtesy of Knoxnews.com
Student Housing Complex Gets Final OK on $8M Tax Deal

Photo Courtesy of Knoxnews.com A $45 million student housing complex on Cumberland Ave got its final approval Monday for a 15-year, $8 million tax incentive. The [...]

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Knoxville to Overhaul its Aged Zoning Codes

Image Courtesy of recode.la Change is coming to some much outdated zoning codes in the Knoxville area! Knoxville officials will move forward with overhauling the [...]

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Knoxville Ranked 8th Best City for Visitors!

Photo courtesy of Knoxnews.com Knoxville truly is a hidden gem of the Tennessee Valley.  According to a travel survey, people seem to agree with this statement. The [...]

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Turkey Creek Triplex

Closed 5/31/16 $196,400 ($65,466/Unit) 3 Units 124 Wakefield Dr Knoxville TN, [...]

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